Eustis Mortgage and American Mortgage Service Company Announce Intentions to Join Together

Two Great Companies, One Bright Future

August 14, 2019 - Two of America’s most storied mortgage companies, American Mortgage Service Co. and Eustis Mortgage, have agreed to join forces to form the nation’s premier mortgage banker.  Together the two companies have a combined 110 years of mortgage lending and operations.  The two companies each possess similar characteristics in how they approach the mortgage business for their clients and their general appreciation for the employee family.


“We are excited about the chance to put together two great companies who share long successful histories celebrating the customer experience, a focus on serving first-time home buyers, and employee satisfaction,” said Bill Case, President and CEO of AMSCo. “There are lots of mergers and acquisitions that take place in our business, but it is very difficult to find ones where the cultures are so similarly aligned.  We are thrilled at the opportunities that this larger and stronger company will provide for our customers, employees and business partners.”


The new company will launch towards the end of the year, and will combine the state-of-the-art technology platform that Eustis Mortgage has adopted, along with American Mortgage Service Company long history of operational excellence.


“The culture at our company has always been defined by the exceptional people that make it all happen, a commonality that both companies share intimately,” said Kate deKay, CEO of Eustis Mortgage, “To that end, with both companies recent record breaking volume, now was the perfect time for us to come together and expand.  Our completely digital platform is built for our clients and referral partners and has proven we can grow our business.  We are now positioned to be the last stop destination for elite producers that want to be able to control the outcome of their careers.”


As the company continues to grow and expand into new markets and ultimately nationally, they will continue to discuss further opportunities with mortgage professionals that provide the opportunity to take better control of their careers and expand their business to a company that allows leaders to have a voice in the direction of the company.  For more information, interested mortgage professionals should contact the following individuals that are in charge of growth:


About Eustis Family of Companies:

Eustis Mortgage Corporation is headquartered in New Orleans, LA, and has been in business since 1956. Eustis Family of Companies is the branded entity that includes: Finance Home America; Verity Mortgage; Legacy Mortgage; and Prosperity Mortgage Advisors. The company philosophy is to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the individual brands that make up Eustis Family of Companies. The approach keeps the individual brands intact, yet provides the support system of a larger company equipped with the resources necessary to deliver loans to the client community. The goal of Eustis Family of Companies is to support our loan officers throughout the region and allow them to function, grow and expand.


About American Mortgage Service Company

American Mortgage Service Co. was started on July 9th, 1975 in Cincinnati with the mission to help individuals realize the dream of homeownership and felt it was critical for those people to be able to deal with a reputable, honest and family based company. American Mortgage has grown into a large multistate lender but it has always kept its focus on its core mission.  The company now has over 40 locations with mortgage products to serve any customer. The company offers low down payment loans across Conventional, FHA, VA and Guaranteed Rural Housing lending products. The company invests in many charities where employees live and serve.


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